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Who is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of STEG International Services (SIS)?

STEG INTERNATIONAL SERVICES On-going efforts focus on energy effectiveness, cogeneration and renewable energies

STEG/ELECTROGAZ Partnership: Implementation of a Pilot Rural Electrification Project based upon single-phase and SWER systems.


Who is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
of STEG International Services (SIS)?

Mr. Rabah JERAD, who has been recently appointed as General Manager of SIS, is a well-recognized professional in the electricity and gas sector, as well as having been a confirmed manager who has lead top-ranked companies in the industry.

Deputy General Manager of STEG (Société Tunisienne de l’électricité et du Gaz) from August 2002 till August 2009, the date of his most recent nomination as General Manager of SIS, Mr. Rabah JERAD has had previous experience being in charge of leading prime industrial firms including:

  • General Manager of SOCOMENA (Société Tunisienne de Construction et de Réparation Mécanique et Navales), from August 1997 until July 2002, where he was able to establish, with much success and trustworthiness, a new social climate within the company. He also completely revamped and streamlined the social structure of SOCOMENA, while maintaining peace across all levels of the company. His changes have given the opportunity to SOCOMENA's clients and providers to renew their faith in the company. This process was also accompanied by the implementation of a Quality-Assurance System (ISO 9002 certification) and the preparation of the firm’s privatization;

  • General Manager of SIAME (Société Industrielle d’Appareillage et de Matériel Electrique) from August 1993 until July 1997, where he turned out well in renewing licenses with ISKRA (Slovenia) for the manufacturing of electrical meters, and with Schneider Electric (France) for the manufacturing of electrical circuit breakers, production equipment and those used in monitoring meters and circuit breakers. He also was key in the implementation of a Quality-Assurance System (with ISO 9002 certification) and in the certification of the products in several European laboratories to conform to international standards. As a result, he was able to boost and raise the level of exportability of electrical Meters to Africa, in particular, to Cameroun, Ivory Coast, and Senegal and later prepare for the privatization of the firm.

Mr. Rabah JERAD is an engineer who graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from ENIT (Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis) in 1975. He joined STEG in October of that same year, where he contributed, and then headed important construction projects.

As an excellent and solid negotiator with outstanding interpersonal skills, Mr. Rabah JERAD managed and negotiated successfully several projects, mainly in the power generation sector, including, but are not limited to, the followings:

  • Head of Development at Bouchemma Gas Turbines Power Plant :2x30MW 1976;

  • Head of development and Planning at Sousse Power Plant: 2X150 MW: in charge of supervision and coordination of all works up to the commissioning of the power plant.

1977 – 1981;

  • Project Manager in Rades Steam Power Plant Stage A (2x170 MW): Tenderers evaluation and coordination of the whole project till the final acceptance.

1981 – 1986;

  • Head of Engineering Services and Design Department , from 1987 to 1993: in charge of coordination and oversight of projects studies, such as:

  • Rades Steam power Plant stage B: 2X170 MW;

  • Sousse combined cycle Power plant: 375 MW;

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study related to EL Houaria Power Plant: 4x350 MW , in close cooperation with ANSALDO; project taken up again;

  • Micro hydro power plants, etc.

In conjunction with his considerable responsibilities, Mr. Rabah JERAD was also able to take on other activities all along his long and illustrious career, including the following:

  • President and Founder of ADENIT (ENIT Alumni Association) in 1976 ; he was twice elected president in 1976 and 1983;

  • Elected twice member of Conseil de l’Ordre des Ingénieurs Tunisiens (May 1988 till May 1998) holding successively the positions of: Training Committee Chairman, Deputy Secretary General, and Vice President;

  • Designated in 1999 as General Secretary of the 22nd Arab Engineers Congress which took place in Tunisia in April 2001;

  • President of the Grand-Tunis Section of KYRANIS (Association of Development of Kerkennah Islands) since 2003.

Mr. Rabah JERAD is an Officer of the Order of the Republic.



STEG INTERNATIONAL SERVICES On-going efforts focus on energy effectiveness, cogeneration and renewable energies

Over the year 2008 STEG INTERNATIONAL SERVICES (SIS), has widened its scope of activities to include techno-economic studies and assistance in energy effectiveness, thereby providing support to the national energy policy aiming at considering  energy auditing, energy effectiveness, energy saving and renewable energy increasing , as a major priority target in Tunisia’s future energy strategic plan objectives. In this regards, STEG International Services carried out several projects including but not limited to the following:

1. Co-generation (Combined Heat and Power (CHP)) Studies
The main tasks performed include:
-  Feasibility studies and project implementation assistance – Randa/Tunis;
- Assistance in electric utility restructuring from self power producer (electricity generation only) to self-producing co-generators– STS/BEJA/Tunisia;
- Technical assistance regarding STEG’s grid connection with Co-generation plants in some industrial units -SOTIPAPIER, STS, T-PAP and Carthago-GRE- Tunisia.


Superheated water boiler of a pulp mills food

2. Renewable Energies

With the aim of creating sustainable development in line with Tunisia’s persuasive trends and preferences, STEG/SIS continue towards integrating  
Environmental considerations into their business-planning and        decision-making processes. In that perspective and based on their  know-how and successful extensive wide experience in their area of expertise, SIS professional staff members stand ready to assist and provide the following consulting and mentoring services:

  • Conduct studies, determine the appropriate design,  and provide necessary assistance for the implementation of renewable energy systems;
  • Assess the costs and benefits of using renewable energy sources;
  • Determine which renewable energy technology will best meet the needs of a particular application.

CASE STUDY:  Engineering studies and implementation assistance related to a large wind power plant - CIOK/ TEJROUINE-Tunisia

3. Energy audits and energy efficiency
Energy Audit has become a needed step in identification and implementation of various energy efficiency opportunities and any sizeable energy efficiency project. In so doing, it assesses the effectiveness of management structure for controlling energy use and implementing changes.
SIS’s vast practical experience in the field of Energy Auditing (EA) can carry out comprehensive assessment of techno-economic performance of plants and equipment against the designed performance level or the industry best practice, aiming at optimising consumption levels along with specific operating control targets.

Case studies
Studies conducted with objective assessment measures to improve power supply and to ensure high reliability of the industry sectors. Such services were provided in 2008 for Sergaz and SAGEM.
In 2009, SIS emphasizes the need to set strategic priorities for the development of energy efficiency, energy conservation, energy audits and renewable energy. To this end, SIS is targeting to treble applications and projects related to the aforementioned energy sectors.
To meet the challenges proposed SIS has already proceeded to the recruitment of eleven engineers.


STEG/ELECTROGAZ Partnership : Implementation of a Pilot Rural Electrification Project based upon single-phase and SWER systems.

STEG International Services (SIS) was assigned the tasks to implement a pilot rural electrification project based upon single-phase and SWER systems. The project contract was signed on June, 16th 2008, and encompasses the implementation of 50 km MV single-phase and SWER lines, 45 km LV single-phase lines, 45 substations MV/LV single-phase, and the provision of electricity to 4,000 new customers in Rukomo, Mimuri and Nyarurema in Nyagatare district in the east department of Rwanda. To this end, the following activities were trusted to SIS:

    1. feasibility studies;
    2. Identification of project scope;
    3. Planning, design, construction, supervision and  commissioning;
    1. Equipment design,  manufacturing and supply;
    2. Shipping ,  Transport and delivery on site;
    3. Total project management;
    4. Training and ELGZ’s capabilities development program;
    5. ELECTROGAZ training center diagnosis and preparation of an upgrade plan;


STEG INTERNATIONAL SERVICES has started the implementation of the required works since the 1st of February, 2009. To present, the project accomplishment rate is exceeding 70%, thereby the achievement of full expected works scheduled on 31st July, 2009 will be met.





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