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Our new logotype

It was selected between 900 proposals following an internal competition organized by STEG in February 2003. As a product of STEG’s employees as well as the expression of their own choice, it is full of messages and symbols. Preserving the traditional colors and emblems of STEG, it expresses the pride of belonging to the company as well as the customer-focused orientation. Despite an ambitious vision, it also expresses the will to preserve the company’s patrimony.
On the other hand, our new logotype is different from the former in many important aspects. It is an open logotype with no borders, no separation between electricity and gas, no rectangular shape characteristic of stagnation.

The symbol
A new identity expressing progress and future.
A free shape illustrating dynamism.
Colors symbolizing the interactivity between electricity and gas.

The emblems:
The spark, for electricity, symbolizes dynamism.
The flame, for gas, symbolizes energy.
Both of them follow a dynamic and open movement inspiring, complementarity.

The colors
Red is the color of our national flag. It expresses the will for improvement, the challenge, as well the involvement spirit. Red is also a hot color inspiring enthusiasm and energy.
Blue is the color of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the color of safety, openness and transparency. This color also expresses our company’s will to produce clean energy.

A new identity to express the company’s objectives:
Meet the expectations and needs of all our customers with the required quality, reliability, security and the lowest prices.
To favor proximity and direct contact with customers
To contribute to the protection of the environment
To motivate employees and ensure they are committed to the strategic objectives of the company.

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