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  Electricity in full safety  
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    Make sure that your installation complies with the following rules :
 An installation adapted to your needs (wire section, plugs, switches).
 An earth plug independent of the neutral.
 In wet places (bathrooms, cellar.) or on conductor ground, your devices are linked to earth plug.
 Avoid to install switches and plugs in these area. Eventually, you may install water-proof equipment.
 Respect particular safety rules when installing bathrooms.
 No metal holder in wet places or which have a conductor ground.

 Comply with to the following pieces of advice:
 Cut the current from the general circuit-breaker before any intervention on your installation.
 Do not use electric devices, even phones, when your hands or feet are wet. 
 Do not pull the supply wire of a device for unplugging it.
 Always unplug your devices before cleaning them.
 Replace a damaged fuse by a fuse of the same size.
 Be careful when moving a long-sized metal piece (ladder, mast, antenna, concrete iron) close to an electric line.
 Set up and check your installations by a qualified electrician.
 Do not use an ordinary portable lamp. Use a water-proof portable lamp.


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