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  Installing devices

All cooking devices (hot-plate or cooker) except those incorporated- may be connected by means of flexible tubes whose length should never exceed 2 meters.
You may connect  the cookers whose weight is sufficient by rigid tube for ensuring their immobility.

Flexible tubes
They should have a diameter well adapted to rubber-holder tap of the device on which they are fixed and they should be well-fitted.
If clamping-bands are used, these latter should not damage the tubes (by clamping).
The limit of use duration of a rubber tube is one year. Do not forget to replace it when necessary.

As all combustions, gas combustion needs oxygen. The more gas-jets are powerful, the more they need air. Consequently, the buildings in which your devices are placed should be ventilated :
- Never obstruct ventilation orifices or sheath.
- Care about the well functioning of burned gas evacuation conduits of your devices.


   Setting up your devices
Regarding gas-jets without lighters or safety device :
- Do not open the gas-tap of a gas-jet until  the lighting flame is present.
- Turn off the gas after having turned off all gas-jets taps.
Regarding gas-jets with lighters or safety device :
Comply with the indications found on the notice you receive with the device on sale.

Using devices
Water-heaters and bath-heaters should be connected to exhaust gases conduit. For general turning off and turning on of gas supply, you should know the tap that controls your whole installation.
You should also know where your gas-meter is located.
For each gas cut announced by STEG for works, you should turn off all control taps of your devices.

NB : If you live in a collective building and if you have, by mistake, turned off the installation of a neighbor, do not turn it on again. You should warn the concerned person: he will care about turning it on after having turned off all gas taps in his flat.

  Devices and installation maintenance
It is important to choose carefully your gas devices and to know how they operate. The constructor notice would assist you.
Brush and wash  your cooking devices gas-jets from time to time.
Control the flames aspect: if you notice any important modification, make your installer check up the adjustment of the gas-jet.

As soon as an installation device tap is "hard" to turn, lubricate it.
Gas connecting tubes
Replace your flexible tubes as soon as wear-and-tear signs appear (hardening, loss of elasticity, cracks, bad smells). Using deadline is one year.
Do not forget that it is strictly forbidden to use gas piping as "earth plug" for electric devices.

Smoke evacuation conduit
Pipes connected to smoke conduits should be in good condition and solidly connected. They are made of corrosion resistant  material.
As soon as the connecting tube shows wear-and-tear signs, it is compulsory to repair it or replace it if necessary.

  GAS leaks
 Gas smell is very characteristic, you can detect any leak immediately even if it is not important.
 As long as the building has not been ventilated and the doubtful smell has not disappeared, do not handle any object that may produce a spark or a flame (switches, electric meter or circuit-breaker, phone, matches, lighters, household devices, etc.).
 Turn off the meter tap or the stopping tap as well as all device taps.
 Ventilate the premise by opening windows.
 Never detect a leak by means of a flame. For that purpose, a foamy liquid should be used (ex. soaped water. In this case, air bubbles show the leak).
 Be careful about overflowing of cooking recipients and air current causing the extinction of gas-jets.
 If you feel that the leak is important and you are not yet relieved, keep on aerating the premise. Inform STEG immediately  if your doubts are still existing after having turned off the gas-meter.
 If you smell gas in a cellar, in the steps or even in the street, do not hesitate to alert STEG. Keep away from gas zone.

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