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Just before the independence, the electrical industry was managed by seven different companies (dealers) charged of supplying electricity to principal regions of our country, with a working installed capacity nearly 100 MW and a generated energy of about 240 GWH.

By the decree 1962 - 8 of April 3, 1962 and aiming to harmonize the electrical and gas sector, the Tunisian state decides to nationalize the generation, transition and distribution of electricity and gas, and to entrust these activities to a public establishment, in a commercial and industrial matter, named "STEG" (Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas).

Confronted with difficulties, suitable for a young country in the process of construction and whose energy resources are, in addition, extremely limited, the STEG was called to take up a lot of challenges in order to reach its first aim: Electrifying the country and inter-connecting the networks.

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