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In the next years, the efforts of the STEG will be directed, primarily towards:

On the production electricity level

  The development of renewable energies,
The Adoption of technologies using natural gas for the production of electrical energy,

The Preparation of the alternative sources of energy of fossile fuels.

On theTransmission of Electricity level

  The development of the electrical supply networks.
  The modernizing of the technical management of the control of the networks.

The width of the opening of the electricity market waited during the present decade justifies the construction of corridors of transport of great capacity with close countries. A feasibility study of an axis of transport between Egypt and Morocco , was already implemented with an aim of determining the necessary reinforcements to ensure a maximum transit. The connection between Tunisia and Italy is being studied. It would come to reinforce the Mediterranean loop allowing, by that, the creation of a regional market of electricity.

On the Distribution of Electricity level


The development of the urban networks,


the fiabilisation of the food of the great centers of consumption,


the modernization of the technical management of the networks,

The respect of the environment and aesthetic of cities

The upgrating customers management system and help the local suppliers to implimanting a quality system based on ISO standards family.


To satisfy the needs of various categories of customers.


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