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In 2014, STEG operates a 6 209 km of transmission network distributed as follows :

 208 km of HV lines of 400 Kw,
 2696 km of HV lines of 225 Kw,
 2067 km of HV lines of 150 Kw,
 1266 km of HV lines of 90 Kw,


In addition to their function to meet a perpetual growing demand, the new works will allow us to minimize the risks of obsolescence and to prepare our network to play its role as a link in a large system inter-connected around the Mediterranean. A system where electrical power will not have borders.

The STEG has introduced the work under voltage on its HV network, digital techniques in the protection system of HV lines and the techniques of armored substations.

The armored substations will have an increasing presence in the dense agglomeration of Tunis and in the coastal zones. The digital techniques used in the control of substations will be generalized, gradually, on the HV network.

The STEG launched a project for the renewal of its system of control and the installation of a telecommunication network with high flow optical fiber. Ensuring an important jump regarding the telecommunication and the network control, This project will, as well as on the level of equipment and management mode, meet the requirements of a healthy and effective control.

The national transmission network is, in fact, inter-connected to the European network through the Algerian an Moroccan networks. The inter-connection with Libya is already completed.
A draft agreement general concerning the electric interconnection of the networks of ELTAM (EGYPT, LIBYA, TUNISIA, ALGERIA and MOROCCO) and its reinforcement by works of transport of 400 Kv during the period 2010-2015 was signed during the year 2006.
This will make it possible to extend the zone of synchronism to the countries of Machrek, to Syria.


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