Energy efficiency
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Subsidiary of STEG (Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas), STEG ER is a private law company with a the capital of 5 million dinars distributed as follows:


STEG-ER's main objective is to contribute to the leadership and the development of Tunisian Solar Plan (TSP). Its establishment in May 2010, aims to promote the national renewable energy policy. STEG-ER engages in the development of public-private partnership in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The main activities of STEG-ER are the feasability studies, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy and cogeneration power plants.

STEG-ER dedicates to providing expertise, assistance and know-how for projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

STEG -ER relines on the experience of 50 years of STEG which had its first photovoltaicsite in the early 1980s, Hammam Biadha and its first wind farm in 2000.


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