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 Studies, Testing and measurements


The STEG cultural space is included among the opening of the outside world sharing both the modernization of information (information network) and the library’s background (the library).
A wide public of employees in our enterprise as well as those who are interested in our
vital sector, such as researchers, academic engineers, students and creators of enterprises, benefit from this space.

The Center

This center is composed of three parts:
The purchase service It enriches documentary’s background of the enterprise’s specialties and aims.
The documentary analysis service It defines the documentary’s background
through Analytical techniques (preface, discovery and selection) and provides data based information for research.
Borrowing service It provides the reader with the documents through a direct borrowing or through the electronic network (borrowing by distance with the prereservation).
It also ensures the ideal management of documents by distributing
magazines and newspapers to the different regions and districts and watching over them.

The Library
The Reading Room
It is opened to all the employees, students and researchers and contains twenty eight seats.
It is divided into two parts :
- Space for reading
- Space for Mediatheque

Space for reading
It contains the most recent publications of newspapers and editions Tunisian and foreign as well as the most important scientific magazines.

Space for Mediatheque

It is available for all the readers.
It contains four computers equipped with Intranet for navigation in order to consult the references and benefit from CDRom.

Library's Background
The library contains approximately :
Ten thousands books of diverse scientific and technical fields .
Nighteen titles of different magazines (technical, scientific and cultural) Tunisian and foreign.
Fourty five titles of daily and weekly newspapers and others in Arabic, French and English.
An important background of Tunisian, French, European and universal norms : NT/ ISO/CEI/ AFNOR.
The Official Journal of Tunisian Republic since 1940.
The legal, statutory and judicial announcements in Arabic and French.
The announcements of property court in Arabic and French .
The editions of the official printing firm of Tunisian Republic in Arabic and French.

Library's Services

The library provides different services for diverse public :
The employees and their children in the library’s specialties with the possibility of a direct borrowing or through the prereservation
by using the library’s Intranet site : http://sldrhaj or the library’s electronic mail:
The beneficiaries from outside benefit from borrowing in the library by using the data based information presented in our site Intranet.

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